WEB-OPAC (Book Search)


NIE Library catalogue of Books/CDs/Journals,etc is available on the online and LAN visiting the following URL can access the catalogue sitting at home through internet. (within the campus/Intranet)


http://library.nie.ac.in/opac (internet)


Web OPAC (Open Public Access catalogue ) is search engine for finding any catalog information of NIE Library.

The feature of Web OPAC is : 

  • Search facility: By specifying Author, Title, subject, year of publication or any other field.
  • Status of the book: Whether the book is on shelf or issued.
  • Number of copies available in library.
  • Due date for the borrowed books.

How to access the library web OPAC : 

  • User should type the IP address mentioned above in the internet explorer address  bar.
  •  After clicking on above mentioned link OPAC screen will pop up on your computer
  • Click the OPAC and put the fields you required on Author, Title, Edition,etc. you will get details of book availability.
  • If you want to access Digital Material (question papers) enter membership id to login, your membership code is your USN No. for staff library membership no. and default password is library requested change the password after logging in.