Centre for Materials Research (CMR)

 The Centre for Materials Research (CMR) was established as the Composite Materials Research Laboratory in 2000 to pursue research leading to Ph.D and provide education in the Department of Mechanical engineering for both UG and PG Scholars and in interdisciplinary field of Materials Science and Technology. Currently the Centre has three active Professors from the parent department and two Professors from I&P Engineering department, including one honorary Professor.

This Centre has five inter-related technical objectives:

  1. Polymer composites using nano- and/or micro and fiber reinforcements with emphasis on structural components, bearings, sliding components in machines and automobiles and biomedical applications.
  2. Advanced manufacturing processes to reduce cost and energy usage.
  3. Enhanced performance and durability of components and structures.
  4. Development and evaluation of functional/hybrid/bio-friendly polymer based composites with fire retardant and good load bearing attributes
  5. Design of reliable composite systems and component development using natural renewable resources, incorporating waste materials such as fly ash, wood flour in composite components and processes.


Research Facilities at CMR

  • Computerized Universal Testing Machine (100 kN)
  • Computerized Impact Tester
  • Notch Cutter
  • Hardness: Shore D and Barcol
  • Portable Surface roughness Tester
  • Infrared Pyrometer
  • Microwave Laboratory Furnace
  • Pin-on-Disk Wear Tester
  • Thermal Curing furnace



Dr.K.M.Subbaiah , Associate Professor, Dept of IP & Engg.
Head, Centre for Materials Research (CMR)
The National Institute of Engineering,
Mysuru-570 008
phone : 91-821- 2480475

086271-rounded-glossy-black-icon-business-fax : 91-821-2485802