Centre for Research and Consultancy (CRC)

The Centre for Research & Consultancy (CRC) was established in May 2000 to improve the Institute-Industry interaction and provide need based technology to existing industries. Since its inception, the centre has completed about 150 major consultancy projects and 15,400 minor projects and has carried out large number of testing work.  It’s clients include both government and private organisations  and individuals. The centre has procured a number of equipments / instruments required for consultancy work and also takes care of the periodical repairs / servicing required for them. It has also contributed to seminars / workshops and research oriented student’s projects. . The Centre has also extended financial assistance to establish other centres such as Centre for Renewable Energy (CREST) and Centre for Energy Management (CEMATEA).

Its aim was to bridge the gap between Industry and Institute and provide the necessary technical support to industries to solve their problems.

Major Objectives:

  • Provide technical assistance to industries and user Organizations/Departments.
  • Promote research and develop appropriate technology.
  • Promote exchange programmes between industries and the institution.
  • Support Short-term courses/Seminars/Workshops for effective dissemination of knowledge.
  • Establish testing/consultancy centres in various fields of engineering.
  • Procure state-of-the-art equipments required for testing/consultancy.
  • Arrange for servicing/repairs of equipments to keep them in good condition.
  • Extend the necessary assistance to Staff to attend National/International conferences, Seminars, Workshops etc.

Since its inception, the centre has procured many testing equipments and sponsored a number of staff members to attend conferences, Seminars etc. It has also co-sponsored a number of workshops and student’s projects. It is hoped that the centre will continue to grow and become a major consultancy centre in the years to come.


Dr.P. N. Chandramouli
Head, Centre for Research and Consultancy
The National Institute of Engineering,
Mysuru-570 008
phone : 91-821-4004922

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