• The National Institute of Engineering, Mysuru boasts of a state-of-the-art campus facility spread over 3 blocks – Golden Jubilee Block, Administrative Block and the Diamond Jubilee Sports Complex. With over 5 auditoriums, a wide sports play ground, emergency medical response center, fully-equipped labs, in-house indoor sports facilities, a separate hostels for Boys and Girls. NIE has a campus and infrastructure which is envied upon by everyone.

    On infrastructure front, School of Electrical Sciences block is being constructed at a cost of Rs.12 crores.

  • The NIE campus comprises the following blocks.

    Administrative block

    The Administrative block, for which the foundation stone was laid by the illustrious teacher-philosopher turned President of India, Late Bharatharatna Dr. S. Radhakrishnan in 1959 and the block was inaugurated by the legal luminary and great educationist Sri. M. C. Chagla in the year 1965. With such a hoary past, it also houses well-equipped labs, offices of various departments, several centres of excellence, bank, canteen and a multipurpose gym.

    Golden Jubilee block

    As part of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations, this block where regular classes are conducted for the entire college was inaugurated on 1996. Additions like Mathematics Department, Health & Fitness Centre, canteen etc are also housed in this block.

    Diamond Jubilee Block

    To mark the Diamond Jubilee occasion (2006-07) NIE Management through the NIE Foundation constructed a hi-tech Indoor International Standard Sports Complex which was inaugurated on July 1st , 2009 by three distinguished International Sports Personalities:

    • Arjuna Awardee Mr.Javagal Srinath, International Cricketer known as ‘Mysore Express’.
    • Arjuna Awardee and a Social worker Padma Shree Ms.Malathi K.Holla, International Differently abled Athlete.
    • Dronacharaya and Arjuna Awardee Mr.Aravind Savur, International Billiards and Snooker Champion ranked 3rd in the World Snooker

    The sports complex has been constructed with a built up area of 4,000 sq.m. for Indoor games like Basket Ball, Table Tennis, Wrestling, Billiards, etc and can accommodate up to 1,500 spectators. The complex also houses a well equipped modern Gymnasium and Health Centre.

  • Situated about 5 Kms from both Mysore City Railway Station and City Bus Station, the NIE Campus provides a full range of social and intellectual activities aided by facilities like libraries, lecture and seminar halls to students. There is a spirit of “oneness” among the staff and the students who come from different parts of India and the concept of N.I.E. family is advocated.

    Bank Facility
    Health Centre
  • Besides imparting excellent technical knowledge to the students, the NIE encourages co-curricular activities by means of Sports & Culture. In fact, the Ideals of the founders that Sports should be a part of Engineering Education has been maintained even today. Thus, NIE has produced many International, National, State level Sports Persons like Padmashree E.A.S.Prasanna Indian Test Cricketer (world famous Off-Spinner), Sri.Adithya.B.Sagar (Cricketer), Sri S.Narasimharajan and Sri.K.Rajagopal(Indian Basket Ball players),Miss.Pavana (represented Indian Kho-Kho Team in erstwhile USSR), Mr.Dhruva Kumar(Ball Badminton), Mr.Arvind K (Roller Skating), Mr.Sreeram Sarja(Chess) awarded Ekalavya by Karnataka Government, Mr.Arun Maribashetty(National Champion in Equestrian), Ms.Vasudha M.P. won Gold Medals in Sub-junior Commonwealth Power Lifting Championships at Wellington, Mr.Rudresh C L Second Best all round Yoga in National Inter-University Yoga 2014-15.


    NIE has one of the best Hi-Tech Fitness Centre for the use of students, staff and their families
    apart from Badminton, Basket Ball, Table Tennis, Wrestling, Judo, Gymnastics, Carrom, Chess facility


    • NIE is ranked 6th amongst the 227 VTU affiliated Engineering colleges (academic year 2014-15).
    • Tennis, Yoga, Soft Ball, Foot Ball, Hockey have made their mark in VTU.
    • NIE’s Weight lifting, Table Tennis (women) and Chess teams are VTU Champions.
    • Dhruva Kumar (Ball Badminton), Arvind.K.(Roller Skating)
    • Sreeram Sarja (Chess) awarded Ekalavya by Karnataka government
    • Arun Maribashetty was National Champion in Equestrian
    • M.P.Vasudha has won Gold Medals in Sub-junior Commonwealth Power Lifting Championships at Wellington.

    Diamond Jubilee Indoor Sports Complex:


    The NIE foundation has constructed a State-of-art Diamond Jubilee Indoor Sports Complex which has a spectator capacity of 1800 People. The Complex has good facilities for Badminton, Basket Ball, Table Tennis, Wrestling, Judo, Gymnastics, Carrom, Chess etc., and has been built at a cost of Rs.7 Crores by the Institute’s Civil Engg department.

    The Structure was Inaugurated on 1st July 2009 by three distinguished Sports Persons in the stature of, Arjuna Awardee Sri Javagal Srinath-International Cricketer, Padmashree Dr. Malathi K.Holla International Differently abled Athlete, Arjuna & Dhronacharya awardee Sri.Arvind Savur, International Snooker & Billiards Champion.

  • National Cadet Corps (NCC)

    Any student of the Institute can enroll for NCC, which has 1 KAR ENGR COY NCC UNIT that provides normal military and technical training. The engineering cadets are taught Field Craft, Bridging, Construction of Roads, Air Fields, Helipads, Water Supply Techniques, to deal with IEDs, Mines, Explosives, etc., apart from Watermanship, Map Reading, Leadership Qualities, Role of Engineers During War, Peace, Natural Calamities is also stressed. The “C” certificate holders with “A” Grade will be eligible to join army directly. There are placement opportunities in Police, BSF and other Paramilitary forces.

    National Service Scheme (NSS)

    The NSS Unit of our college (NIE) has a sanctioned strength of 100. A student of any branch of our college can enroll for the unit. The period of enrollment is 2 years. After two years fresh students can enroll.
    The Society and nature have given us a lot of things to our lives. In turn, an individual can also give to the society and nature. In this regard, an opportunity is given to the NSS Volunteers to do a bit in this direction. The NSS activities for the student volunteers involve social activities, like Blood Donation Camps, Tree Plantation, General Health Awareness, Eradication of Drug House, AIDS Awareness programmes, Slum eradication, Removal of illiteracy, Construction of small roads, Water Tanks, etc., in villages adopted by college NSS Unit and in the city.
    Apart from regular NSS activities special camps for 10 days are conducted during the vacation period.

  • Campus Wide Networking (CWN) is a facility available at NIE for students and staff to utilise the internet facility. Features of the Internet facility at NIE

    • 250 Mbps dedicated leased line
    • Wired and wireless
    • Video Conferencing
    • Corporate anti-virus
    • Firewall (UTM)