Basic Sciences Department


Under SCIENCE DIVISION, the NIE has full-fledged Geology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics Departments.The Department of Geology is supporting department to the department of Civil Engineering. This department has good geological museum having good collection of Indian and Foreign mineral and rock specimens, which cater to the needs of the Civil Engineering students. Students study the Physical and special properties of minerals and rocks with special reference to their usage in Civil Engineering practices. They also study the Commercial importance of minerals and rocks.

Physics Department
The Physics Department has a well equipped laboratory. Separate sections are maintained for optical, mechanical and electrical experiments. Low power He-Ne laser is available for diffraction experiments. Research Optical Bench is available for conducting interference experiments. Under the AICTE MODROB scheme the department is upgraded with the following research level apparatus to study the electrical and thermal properties of materials.

  • Differential thermal analyzer
  • Six probe resistivity apparatus
  • Electromagnet & accessories
  • LCR meters
Chemistry Department
Chemistry Department has facilities for conducting micro analytical work, chemical investigation of engineering materials including analysis of ores and alloys. Instruments like,

  • PH meter,
  • Conductivity Meter,
  • Spectrophotometer etc.,

are used to impart knowledge on instrumentation in analytical work. The research interest of the faculty deals with theoretical aspects of electrochemistry, study of phase transitions in adsorbed systems, nano materials for solar cells, study of drugs and recent advances in chemical biology. The Department is a recognised research centre of VTU/AICTE.

Mathematics Department
The Department of Mathematics has experienced faculty members comprising, a Professor and Head, two Associate Professors , one Assistant Professor on the permanent cadre and two contract Lecturers. They are involved in teaching B.E., M.Tech and M.C.A courses.