Mysuru City


Mysuru, once the capital of the Wodyar Dynasty has transformed into being the cultural capital of Karnataka known for many firsts. A center of art, music, drama, education is a tourist hub. It has won the sobriquet as a perfect centre for Yoga and Ayurveda with many aspiring foreign nationals thronging the city. The industrial scenario is also slowly getting better with many bellwether IT players foraying into the city. Of late it has emerged as one of the best destinations of medical tourism. Not to speak of its pre-eminence as one of the must visit places of tourist attraction.
It is the seat of University of Mysore started in the year 1916 as the first in the state and the sixth in the country. It was started with the royal patronage and Sir M.Visvesvarayya, the engineering genius was instrumental in its establishment. The city boasts of a number of research institutes like CFTRI, CSRTI, DFRL, CIL, Oriental Research Institute and a host of others. It has as many as 8 engineering colleges, NIE being the oldest and one of the 2 autonomous institutes.


Mysuru has moderate climate, rated the second cleanest city after Chandigarh in India. With Chamundi Hills on its borders and the city flanked by the famous 2 rivers the Kaveri and the Kapila, Mysuru commands the status of being one of the most well-equipped cities in India with excellent infrastructure and administration. With these rare features, Mysuru is poised to become one of the best centres in imparting technical and technological courses. NIE being the most well-established institute in Mysuru, is in the forefront of academic, innovative and technological research. This has been more demonstrated by the preference a large number of aspirants show from across different states of the country in seeking admission to NIE.


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